Our Platforms


Our Platforms


Gut’Fac is a platform for the generation of improved Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBP) capable of producing and secreting proteins in situ, in the cecum and the colon, notably to fight against gut microbiome dysbiosis and its consequences on health.

The Gut’Fac platform, which has been the subject of several patent applications in 2021, is based on 3 essential elements:
1. An optimized “chassis” microorganism used as a vector for the production and secretion of active proteins in situ.
2. A know-how to optimize the gene coding for the protein of interest to promote its expression and the secretion of the protein in situ.
3. An advanced “bio-containment” technique to avoid the transfer of the gene of the protein of interest to the bacteria of the intestinal microbiome.

DAV361 is the first bioproduct from the Gut’Fac platform.


The Gut’Innov platform is based on the intelligent exploitation of microbiome data generated during the multiple pre-clinical and clinical trials conducted by Da Volterra and its partners. Da Volterra’s Data Science teams use machine learning techniques to identify new interventional strategies to prevent and correct the consequences of microbiome dysbiosis.

The results from the Gut’Innov platform will allow the identification of new innovative products in the microbiome field!