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The company was created by Professor Antoine Andremont whose life-long research was dedicated to antibiotic resistance and understanding the impact of antibiotics on the intestinal microbiome.


Company inception

Prof. Antoine Andremont creates Da Volterra based on concepts originating from his work on the impact of antibiotics on the intestinal microbiome and antibiotic resistance. Academic collaborations are set-up to explore early research work.


Early academic collaboration and technology patent filling

The first patents are granted on innovative approaches to protect the intestinal microbiome and spare patients from life-threatening bacterial infections. Further innovations are developed later on with new patent applications filed regularly by the R&D team.


Company structuration

The team is building up and takes foot in its facilities and laboratories of the rue de Charonne in Paris.
The management team is formed and 10 employees are recruited.


DAV132 proof of concept

The proof-of-concept of DAV132 is achieved in humans treated with antibiotics in a series of phase 1 clinical studies:
– No interaction with antibiotic efficacy
– Free antibiotic faecal concentrations decreased by 99%
– Very good protection of the microbiome diversity


DAV132 reaches 1st major
regulatory milestones

CE mark granted in Europe (ISO13485) and Pre-IND meeting with the FDA clears the development path as a drug in the USA.


Microbiome and Immuno-Oncology

First publications highlighting the role of microbiome and the impact of antibiotics on the efficacy of immune checkpoints inhibitors in cancer patients.


Completion of the phase 2 clinical trial evaluating DAV132 in patients

Success of the phase 2 clinical trial (SHIELD) evaluating DAV132 in patients.

The SHIELD trial showed that DAV132 was safe for use in hospitalized elderly patients with several comorbidities and taking concomitant medications. It also demonstrated that DAV132 was able to protect the intestinal microbiome from antibiotic damage.

It is the first phase 2 clinical trial assessing DAV132 safety and ability to protect the intestinal microbiome in patients.


Launch of the Phase 3 clinical trial evaluating DAV132 in hemato-oncology patients

The overarching objective of the MICROCARE trial is to demonstrate that DAV132 contributes to decrease the occurrence of life-threatening complications and to reduce the mortality of patients with hematologic malignancies undergoing several cycles of chemotherapies. 900 patients will be enrolled in Europe and the US.