Pipeline Overview

Since its inception, Da Volterra has developed a strong pipeline addressing the threat of bacterial infections and antimicrobial resistance for Human health.

Pipeline DAV human health

Da Volterra’s pipeline of innovative product candidates has been developed using our in-house expertise on antibacterials, resistant microbiome and oral drug delivery technologies.


Our lead product DAV132 is a novel medical device to be combined with antibiotic treatments to prevent the occurence and recurrence of Clostridium difficile infections. DAV132 is designed to irreversibly capture residual antibiotics in the late ileum, caecum and colon before they can disrupt the intestinal microbiota. DAV132 has a unique clinical positioning compared to current products in development. Its performance was already demonstrated in 4 clinical trials.


DAV121 is a research-stage program, targeting the development of an oral co-treatment with advanced cephalosporins and carbapenems, to prevent muti-resistant infections in hospital-settings by preserving gut microbiota in patients treated with such antibiotics. DAV121 is partnered with the BioAster Technology Research Institute.