Mission Statement

Committed to the future of antibiotics, Da Volterra’s ambition is to be acknowledged as a competent and successful innovation-based company focused on preserving patients from life-threatening bacterial infections and antibiotic resistance.

Being First Line in the Battle against the ‘Bad Bugs’

mission-statement-1.jpgFinding a solution to resistant bacteria remains today a major unmet medical need. In March 2012, the Director General of the WHO, Dr. Margaret Chan, stressed that: “A post-antibiotic era means an end to modern medicine as we know it. Things as common as strep throat or a child’s scratched knee could once again kill.” It is indisputable that antibiotic resistance is life-threatening in the same sense as widely-feared diseases such as cancer or HIV. Da Volterra’s mission is to develop novel efficient measures to combat bacterial infections and make sure humans keep the upper hand on microbes.

Delivering the Medical Innovation where it is Much Needed

Da Volterra’s mission is to bring clinicians worldwide much needed therapeutics to combat bacterial infections. Antibiotics have always been lifesavers and should remain so. Da Volterra has the desire to build with efficiency a diverse portfolio of drug candidates from Research to Clinical proof of concept to bring innovation to physicians and patients in the hospitals and the community. They should not be powerless when facing the consequences of bacterial resistance and deserve the most ingenious products to preserve life.


mission-statement-2.jpgLed by strongly dedicated people, Da Volterra acts ethically and responsibly to be a long-term healthcare partner. The patient and public health needs are at the heart of the company’s business conduct. This approach is based on four key areas: Patient, People, Ethics and Planet. For Da Volterra, being responsible means building relations beyond reproach with others, whether they are staff members, suppliers or partners. This daily engagement echoes our commitment to deliver the much needed strategies to the world community for a better health for all, now and for future generations.