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Leader in Microbiome Protection

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Our vision


Da Volterra is a clinical stage biotechnology company whose vision is to be a trusted and acknowledged leader in the microbiome field.

Our mission is to discover, develop and bring to market safe and novel therapeutic options, preserving patients’ microbiome to prevent and cure life-threatening diseases.

We strive to serve patients by transforming the promise of science into innovative treatments which have the power to improve health and save lives.

Our most advanced product


DAV132 is a unique and first-in-class product designed to inactivate antibiotics circulating in the colon and disrupting the gut microbiome. It has already demonstrated its efficacy in six Phase 1 and one Phase 2 clinical studies, and a Phase 3 clinical study has started.

DAV132 is the world most advanced product protecting against the medical consequences of intestinal microbiome dysbiosis.